SustaiN Society

The society of Sustainable Future for Human Security (hereafter, Sustain Society) was established in Kyoto on November 22, 2012. Sustain Society is a professional organization consists of experts, academics, practitioners and bureaucrats who are motivated by the awareness of its social responsibility to achieve a sustainable future for Human Security. Sustain Society departs from inter-disciplinary approach and understanding that  the most serious problems affecting a sustainable future for human security cannot be discussed and solved by a “siloed” approach. The society focuses on 6 (six) main of research-academic activities, such as Sustainable Renewable Energy and Environment, Sustainable Tropical Forestry, Sustainable Agriculture, Disaster Management, Sustainable Built Environment and Social and Political Development.

One of the SustaiN Society activities is organize the SustaiN Conference in Kyoto. In the last four years the conference had gathered more than 500 researchers, students and scholars in more than 26 countries around the globe. The conference also successfully assemble either online or offline more than 30 reviewers from multidiscipline background. These opportunities for continuing the communications and gathering will be upgraded to the next level. The community is willing to jump to the next level in the SustaiN Society.  The initiation of the society have main vision that the activities will be benefited to the securing current and future human activities in sustainable manner without jeopardizing environment and inefficient use of natural resources. SustaiN Society also will enhance the new discussion and networking in the human security area.

All the SustaiN Conference participants invited to register as a member of the SustaiN Society.  We really hope your support will be enhanced not only limited to the SustaiN conference and activities but to this newly established society as well.

Now, the SustaiN Society publishes the International Journal of Sustainable Future for Human Security (J-SustaiN) to provide an inter-disciplinary forum where the most serious problems affecting a sustainable future for human security can be discussed, in recognition of the fact that many future problems cannot be solved by a “siloed” approach. For further information of the J-SustaiN, please follow this link. Download the journal template on this link.

International Journal of Sustainable Future for Human Security